Vision, Mission and Company Values

“We believe that the botanical resources of Africa may hold the key to the treatment of major medical and health ailments and, we want to be at the forefront of these discoveries…”

Our Vision

Afrigetics Botanicals aim to introduce the world to the vast botanical resources of Southern Africa. Our focus is on the promotion of long-term, sustainable harvesting of Africa’s most precious botanical resources and, in creating new markets that provide income generating opportunities for rural communities –  while also facilitating growth in the African herbal product manufacturing sector.

We are dedicated to accessing and protecting the knowledge of traditional African healers and to creating channels through which minority communities can secure benefit sharing agreements and share in the profits of commercially successful herbs. We believe that botanical resources in Africa may hold the key to major medical and health ailments that are currently ‘incurable’ and we want to be at the forefront of these discoveries.

With a vision to become an industry expert and leading supplier of indigenous botanical herbal extracts and commercially viable indigenous foods  – we strive to grow our business into a strong link in the supply chain, in a way that respects the earth and its indigenous knowledge systems whilst also being financially profitable and ethical in our pursuits. Our clients should share our values of sustainability and ethical business practices, so that we can jointly create a blueprint for sustainable trade of the botanical ingredients of Southern Africa.

Our Mission

Afrigetics Botanicals is currently one of the leading exporters of Southern African medicinal herbs, teas, oils and foods to the international wellness and pharmaceutical industries and are committed to developing strong supply chains for these commercially viable botanical ingredients.

We have developed and, continue to develop, a range of African botanical extracts that are compliant with international production standards, fit into the major “high sales’ categories of our buyers (weight-loss, sports nutrition, immune support), are well-priced and, more efficient than similar ingredients on the market.

Our retail products, which consist of African foods and herbs (Bushman’s Wild Food TM), already match the standards set by the health food and herbal supplements industry abroad and, are packaged according to market specifications. With these retail products, we intend to continue our distribution into the US market, particularly to California and, to increase our representation in the major health and nutraceutical chain stores such as Wholefoods, in the USA.

Our mission is to introduce the world to the botanical resources of Africa through research, innovation and quality – with a particular emphasis on fair and sustainable trade, as emphasized by our benefit sharing agreement with the San people of South Africa. Our primary marketing tools are the internet and international trade shows – through these powerful platforms we are able to communicate with our customer base and, continue our growth.

Our Values 

We believe that our core company values are the key to our success:

  • Ecological sensitivity: We believe that the earth is under extreme strain due to the over-consumption of natural resources in a non-sustainable way and, are committed to the practice of sustainable wild harvesting – which has the potential to safeguard the natural resources of Southern Africa and ensure that future generations may reap their benefits.
  • Community sustainability: Through benefit-sharing agreements that distribute the profits made, the communities who showed us the potential of these plants through their indigenous knowledge are able to derive financial benefit for their own development initiatives.
  • Research-driven products: There are many African scientists producing research on the various botanical resources of Africa and we follow this research and choose the botanicals that have been scientifically proven to be efficient.
  • International standards: African manufacturing is excellent; the world just needs to see more of it. We are committed to international protocols such as HACCP and ISO and follow the international standards of botanical identification (HPLC).
  • Internet-driven: We use the internet as a platform for marketing, sales and communication and, follow the trends and strategies of previously successful business models and new emerging success stories. We learn from these cases and apply them directly to our own business.
  • Strong Value System: We believe in the sacredness of all life and in our spiritual responsibility to protect, preserve and improve the botanical wisdom of Africa. We aim to conduct our business in a way that is honest, fair, ethical and everything we do is an extension of this strong value system.


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