Sustainability is a concept that has remained close to our hearts from the very beginning – it means doing business in a way that allows future generations to prosper, it means having compassion for the earth and its people and – we radiate these values throughout our business.

Sustainability means monitoring and controlling harvesting to ensure that resources don’t become scarce and sometimes, it means having to do things the long-way round; like cultivating a scare species rather than harvesting it in the wild. We’re not experts on sustainability but, we do feel that our unique set of values and concern for the earth and it’s people make us a unique player on the market, allowing us to position ourselves as a role model for other businesses.

Afrigetics is actively involved in the identification and implementation of sustainable business solutions. Founder, Steve Hurt, has a background in Environmental Studies at Natal University and WITS university and, has fruitfully led the growth of our business with a strong set guiding principles. Steve proudly set up the original Hoodia Growers Association Agreement, which allowed profits from the sales of hoodia to be donated to the San Bushmen. Afrigetics is also a registered grower and seller of protected species and abides by the CITES protocol which ensures that South Africa’s scarce botanical resources will still be available for future generations.

Today, we also have a benefit sharing agreement with the San bushmen of South Africa, which allows us to distribute  a share of our profits towards their community. We also have a knowledge sharing agreement with the San people allowing us to work together to develop new potential medicines or functional ingredients using their age-old botanical wisdom. This process will help their community thrive and will ensure successive generations have something valuable to carry them forward.


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