Pelargonium Sidoides

Pelargonium Sidoides

Pelargonium sidoides offerings: raw material, standardized powder and liquid extracts

One of the rising stars in the African herbal portfolio is undoubtedly pelargonium sidoides.
The international success of this product is proven in such brands as Kaloba TM (Europe), Umcka Cold-Care TM (USA), Blackmore’s Kaloba TM (Australia) primarily due to the clinical proof that extracts of pelargonium sidoides have been shown to reduce the duration and severity of the common cold.

Pelargonium sidoides is approved for sale as a herbal medicine in Europe and is listed in the pharmacopoeia. It is also short-listed to appear on the Novel Foods list which will no doubt improve its popularity in the near future.

Quick Facts:

Extracts of Pelargonium have been proven to reduce the duration and severity of colds and flues, particularly those relating to bronchial lung infections. This makes it ideal for use in cold and flu remedies - especially in children's cough syrups.

Commercial Success:

In 2006, German pharmaceutical company, Schwabe, sold more than EUR80 million of their Pelargonium based product made with EPS7630 TM extract of pelargonium sidoides. Other companies across the world are following in their footsteps, using Pelargonium based formulations for cold care products.

Products Offered:

Afrigetics offers Pelargonium sidoides in the following forms: Raw Material: Raw material with not less than 100ppm Umckalin (available in pieces or powder) Freeze-dried powder with not less than 200ppm Umckalin Powder Extracts: Powdered extracts of pelargonium sidoides standardized for 160, 800 and 1100ppm Umckalin Liquid extracts: Glycerine tincture with 15 ppm umckalin Ethanol tincture with 15 ppm umckalin


Extract is packed in a 1kg foil Ziplock bag. Raw material is packed in 15kg or 20kg agricultural bags with inner plastic lining. Packaging can also be customised to your specific needs.


Raw material MOQ is 15kg Extract MOQ is 1kg

Legally Compliant:

Afrigetics Botanicals is a registered bio-trader and a collaborator on a bio-prospecting license that allows for the legal trade of Pelarogonium sidoides. (This legislation relates to the United Nation’s Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) which is the international, legally binding treaty that regulates access to biological resources and associated traditional knowledge and incorporates South Africa’s National Environmental Management Biodiversity Act40 (Biodiversity Act) that includes a material transfer agreement (MTA) and a benefit sharing agreement (BSA).)

Additional Notes:

Learn more about Pelargonium sidoides:  True Botanica Foundation webinar on P. sidoides
Afrigetics on, 14 March 2012
South African immunity herb winning new communityA South African botanical extract from a plant from the same family as the geranium but with immunity rather than stimulatory indications, is gaining interest as a natural antiobiotic and immunity booster.


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