Cape Aloe Ferox

Cape Aloe Ferox

Cape Aloe ferox Resin 12-18% Aloin

Quick Facts:

Aloe ferox is one of the most widely traded and commercialised plant species in Southern Africa. With a strong international trade history, its natural laxative properties have been recognised and appreciated for centuries. Aloe ferox is used as a natural laxative and bitter tonic for improved digestion, as well as in pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations for its anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.

Commercial Success:

Aloe ferox is used in popular remedies such as "Swedish Bitters" and "Lewensessens" and is also used as a primary ingredient in many commercial laxatives. Aloesin - a pure extract of Aloe bitters, sold by Afrigetics Botanicals, is used in skin lightening preparations (particularly in Japan).

Products Offered:

Aloe ferox bitter crystal NLT 12% Aloin and Aloe ferox bitter crystal with NLT 18% Aloin


Packaging can also, within reason, be customised to your specific needs.


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