Bulbine Natalensis

Bulbine Natalensis

Bulbine natalensis extract and raw material

Afrigetics Botanicals developed an extract of Bulbine natalensis in 2009 which, to date, continues to be the first choice for leading US and EU sport supplement manufacturers.

Proven extract efficacyAfrigetics Botanicals’ Bulbine PE showed a 35% increase in testosterone over a period of  two weeks; these blood test results are available upon request.

Through our joint manufacturing partnership, we oversee the entire production process; from sourcing, harvesting, drying and extraction to the sales and exporting of the finished product.  Our involvement with the entire production and supply process allows Afrigetics Botanicals to ensure superior quality control and assurance.

We offer the following two Bulbine natalensis ingredients:

  1. Bulbine natalensis cold water extract, freeze-dried (pre-soaked in cold water, ultrasonic extraction, freeze-dried).
  2. Bulbine natalensis dried, milled powder.

Quick Facts:

Although products containing bulbine are relatively new to the sports supplement industry, it's use is increasing rapidly. Our product has shown a 35% increase in testosterone in just 2 weeks.


Packed inside a polyfoil vacuum-packed bag and stored inside a white PVC bucket with a tamper-proof seal – 7.5kg each. Packaging can also, within reason, be customised to your specific needs.


7.5kg pack size (smaller pack sizes available for product development).

Additional Notes:

We are aware of other fake Bulbine products on the market – so here’s the proof that ours is authentic:

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