The Green Gold Portfolio

Afrigetics Botanicals proudly bring you the Green Gold Portfolio – produced to FSSC22000 and African Herbal Pharmacopoeia specifications.

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10 of Sub-Saharan Africa’s most commercially viable herbs:

Species name Comm. success Pharma-copoeia Mode of Action Current use Market Segment
1. Aloe ferox bitter sap Y Y Laxative, bitter tonic Herbal laxative formulations. General healthcare, specifically colonic healthcare markets.
2. Aloe arborescens leaf powder Y Y Skin and hair care, weight loss Weight loss products, skin and hair products, immune support, colonic healthcare. Immune support, weight loss,  cosmetic markets.
3. Bulbine natalensis Y N Aphrodisiac Testosterone booster. Sports supplements.
4. Buchu Y Y Diuretic, pain relief, anti-inflammatory Sports supplements (topical relief of pain and inflammation), weight loss products, food and flavor industry. Sports supplements, weight loss, food and flavor.
5. Devils claw Y Y Analgesic, pain relief, anti-arthritis Sports supplements (topical relief of pain and inflammation), tonic supplements targeting arthritis and rheumatism and associated pain relief. Sports supplements, arthritis and rheumatism, pain relief.
6. Hoodia Y Y Appetite suppressant, antidiabetic Natural weight loss products as a complete treatment or part of a formulation. Weight loss.
7. Pelargonium sidoides Y Y Immunomodulatory. Specifically used in products that treat colds and flu, especially bronchitis. Immunomodulatory.
8. Sceletium Y Y SSRI Used as a natural treatment for insomnia and depression. Anti-depressants.
9. Sutherlandia Y Y Anti-viral, anti-oxidant, adaptogenic Antiretroviral, anti-cancer, colds and flu, treatment of wasting in cancer and AIDS patients. Cancer, HIV, immunomodulatory.
10. Rooibos Y Y Antioxidant Consumed as a caffeine-free alternative to tea, anti-oxidant in beauty and spa products. Herbal teas, antioxidant skincare.

All our herbs and extracts are produced to pharmacopoeia standards:

  • Species verification though a horticulturist
  • Lab verification using TLC, HPLC and GC
  • Careful attention to low drying temperatures using gas drying and freeze-drying
  • Monitoring of moisture in dry material
  • Clinical and ethnic safety data: Only herbs with established ethnic use safety data and pre-clinical safety data (negative result for single dose and repeated dose toxicity)

Quality Control Features:

  • All packaged raw materials are assigned batch numbers and allocated a CoA.
  • Lab results are available on request as per specification sheet.
  • Finished products are packaged in double plastic bags (raw materials) within polyweave agricultural sack, and PVC tamper-proof PVC buckets with double plastic bags inside
  • Extracts and raw materials are stored in a temperature controlled and ventilated warehouse room.
  • Raw material QC documentation: MSDS, process flow sheets, specification sheets, allergen and non-GMO statements, COO.

FOB Point: Cape Town Airport/harbor – See logistics information.

Payment terms: Prepaid on first order, thereafter terms negotiable.

We are INCOTERMS 2010 ready and Level 3 export trained.