Bulbine natalensis extract and raw material.

Our Bulbine natalensis extract was developed in 2009 and continues to be the first choice for leading US and EU sports supplement companies.
Our extracts has been proven to work – Afrigetics Botanicals Bulbine PE showed proven 35% rise in testosterone over two weeks (mail us if you’d like to see the blood test results).

We manage the entire process from source to shelf and are actively involved in the sourcing (harvesting), drying and extraction, selling and exporting, and finished product sales and supply. This close relationship to our raw materials gives us an upper hand in quality control and quality assurance.

We offer two main Bulbine natalensis ingredients:

1. Bulbine natalensis cold water extract, freeze-dried. (Pre-Soaked in cold water, ultrasonic extraction ,freeze-dried)
2. Bulbine natalensis dried, milled powder.

Packaging: Packed inside a polyfoil vacuum-packed bag and stored inside a white PVC bucket with a tamper-proof seal – 7.5kg each.

MOQ: 7.5kg pack size (smaller pack sizes available for product development)
Lead-time: Minimum lead time of 2-3 days applies for small quantities.
Our maximum lead-time is 21 days for large orders of extract.
Stock on Hand : Minimum stock of 50kg extract and 200kg milled powder
FOB point: Cape Town airport or harbor.

Samples: Sent free of charge by postal service.

We are aware of other fake Bulbine products on the market – so here’s the proof that ours is authentic:
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View Flora Research Labs (USA) verification certificate: Bulbine natalensis verification certificate

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Detailed Product Description

Bulbine natalensis is a powerful ancient Zulu herb used as an aphrodisiac and as a performance enhancer.
There is folklore history in Zulu warrior culture of it being used in preparation of soldiers for battle, giving them strength, courage and the drive to win. In later years scientists rediscovered Bulbine natalensis and tested extracts of the herb on rats at the University of Fort Hare (South Africa). The results were phenomenal: a 350% rise in testosterone was shown over a few weeks. Bodybuilding forums went wild with reports of an African herb that could propel testosterone to sky-high limits and that sparked the beginning of the use of  Bulbine natalensis in many pro-testosterone and performance enhancing products. Afrigetics Botanicals Bulbine natalensis extract was made under the guidance of an internationally recognized bodybuilding coach as an ingredient for some of the leading sport supplements companies in the USA and Europe and this is the very same ingredient you will find in our Bulbine Max 5:1: pure Bulbine natalensis freeze-dried extract.

A two week informal trial was conducted on a 38 year old male using a daily dosage of Bulbine extract.
The subject was a healthy 38 year old male sportsman weighing 78kg and a preliminary assessment of the subject by Dr Reinette Vos found him to be fit and healthy; blood tests revealed no abnormalities. The subject was not using any other supplements in his training other than Bulbine natalensis PE.

The subject was asked to supplement 2 vegecaps each containing 360mg Bulbine PE (720mg total) daily before bed and continued to take them from a period starting 13 Dec 2010 to 31 Dec 2010. Blood tests were conducted once at the beginning of the trial and once at the end of the trial and then 3 periods of roughly 2 to 3 weeks (19 Jan 2011, 9 Feb 2011, 24 Feb 2011) and finally on the 1 April 2011. Oestradiol was also tested during the period after the initial supplementation phase.


Test Type 13/12/2010 31/12/2010 19/01/2011 09/02/2011 24/02/2011 01/04/2011
Total Testosterone 13.0 17.7 17.9 16.8 13.5 11.3
SHBG 25.7 28.2 28.3 27.2 26.9 28.2
Free testosterone 301 407 412 385 307 245
*Oestradiol Not tested 88 129 124 73 Not tested

* Subjects average Oestradiol without supplements assumed to be between 70 and 90


The initial results suggests that total and free testosterone were both increased by the use of supplementing Afrigetics Botanicals Bulbine PE by about 35% in a period of 2 weeks. The conclusion was that there was sufficient preliminary evidence to show that Bulbine PE by Afrigetics Botanicals could in fact raise testosterone (TT and FT) by around 35% in about 2 weeks.

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Species name Comm. success Pharma-copoeia Mode of Action Current use Market Segment
1. Aloe ferox bitter sap Y Y Laxative, bitter tonic Herbal laxative formulations. General healthcare, specifically colonic healthcare markets.
2. Aloe arborescens leaf powder Y Y Skin and hare care, weight loss. Weight loss products, skin and hair products, immune support, colonic healthcare. Immune support, weight loss,  cosmetic markets.
3. Bulbine natalensis Y N Aphrodisiac Testosterone booster. Sports supplements.
4. Buchu Y Y Diuretic, pain relief, anti-inflamatory. Sports supplements (topical relief of pain and inflamation), weight loss products, food and flavor industry. Sports supplements, weight loss, food and flavor.
5. Devils Claw Y Y Analgesic, pain relief, anti-arthritis. Sports supplements (topical relief of pain and inflamation), tonic supplements targetting arthritis and rheumatism and associated pain relief. Sports supplements, arthritis and rheumatism, pain relief.
6. Hoodia Y Y Appetite suppressant, anti-diabetic. Natural weight loss products as a single herb or part of a formulation. Weight loss.
7. Pelargonium sidoides Y Y Immune modulatory. Specifically used in products that treat colds and flu, especially bronchitis. Immune modulatory.
8. Sceletium Y Y SSRI Used as a natural treatment for insomnia and depression. Anti-depressants.
9. Sutherlandia Y Y Anti-viral, antooxidant, adaptogenic. Anti-retroviral, anti-cancer, colds and flu, treatment of wasting in cancer and AIDS patients. Cancer, HIV, immune-modulatory.
10. Rooibos Y Y Antioxidant Mostly consumed as a caffeine-free alternative to tea. Herbal teas, antioxidant skincare.