Bulbine Natalensis – Natural Testosterone Booster, by Tamarisk-Ray Glogauer


It is early morning as the young man crouches, his hand reaching out to the fleshy plant with the bright yellow flowers. There is a battle coming. He has been sent to gather Bulbine natalensis, known to his Zulu tribesman as ibhucu. Taken by the men of the tribe the little plant will help prepare them for battle, giving them strength and stamina when they most need it.

Bulbine natalensis has been used as a medicinal herb for many centuries, the age old herbal law being handed down from person to person. From stories and tales to botanical studies Bulbine has travelled through time to appear on today’s market as a natural testosterone booster.

With new technologies it has become increasingly apparent why Bulbine has been used for so long by the indigenous people of South Africa. The small herb stimulates the production of testosterone, increasing body levels or bringing them up to normal in men who battle with low levels of testosterone. Long ago this would have meant that men preparing for battle would feel the benefits of high testosterone levels, the ability to keep going and fighting for longer and with more aggression. In peaceful times the Bulbine would help increase strength and increase a man’s sexual desire and performance.

Today this higher level of testosterone achieves many of the same effects. The extra testosterone helps in building muscle, improving motivation, getting rid of flabbiness and can be used as a powerful aphrodisiac. As well as increasing athletic performance, Bulbine is well known as a libido booster and performance enhancer. The extra testosterone in the body causes a higher sex drive and is taken before intercourse to enhance performance.

Using age old information and new technologies Afrigetics Botanicals, a South African company that specialises in wild harvested indigenous herbs, has developed an extract called Bulbine Max 5:1 that is exported around the globe. During an in-house trial it was shown that taking Bulbine for only two weeks can increase testosterone levels by nearly 35%. The trial was conducted on a 38 year old male weighing 78kg and the results were verified by a doctor and based on the blood analysis of a third party laboratory in South Africa.
With steroids and chemical enhancers crowding the market people are beginning to look for a healthy alternative that may be safer. It is here that Bulbine natalensis stands out, the small plant with the bright yellow flowers that has braved history and time and stands confidently in the medical and chemical age as a viable, safe and effective herbal medicine.

Perhaps this is the magic of traditional herbal remedies, that they defy time and refuse to be forgotten, growing quietly as we use what they have to offer. Bulbine natalensis is among a score of plants that are still used and respected as medicinal herbs. From this one thing is for certain, these plants would not still be respected traditional remedies if they had not been severely tested by time and found to be worthy of their status.

Perhaps it is this realisation that is driving pharmaceutical companies to investigate these plants more seriously. At Afrigetics Botanicals, Bulbine natalensis is sustainably harvested from the wild, making sure that wild populations remain steady and that no harm is done to the environment in the process. In this way the earth is respected and the natural medicine can be used and the story continued, Bulbine being carried into the future as a safe and effective testosterone booster.

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