We are botanical extracts suppliers, specialising in African botanicals.
Afrigetics botanicals offers a range of powder extracts preserved with freeze-drying.
This  advanced process ensures a final product that has high amounts of active ingredients, healthier levels of living nutrients and a longer shelf life. Our method also carries a lower carbon footprint and contains no other ingredients or solvents, so its a holistic alternative to alcohol extraction and spray-drying.

These are the current extracts we offer:

Plant Name Function Actives
Bulbine natalensis Strong testosterone stimulant. PE 5:1
Griffonia seed Serotonin precursor (anxiety, ADHD, weight loss). 12.5% 5-HTP
Irvingia gabonensis Weight loss, Leptin resistance 9.4% Total Proteins
Hoodia gordonii Appetite suppressant, weight loss, blood sugar control. 0.3% P57
Pelargonium sidoides Cold and flu remedy. Umckalin 300ppm
Sceletium tortuosum Anti-depressant, natural sleeping aid, anti-anxiety (SSRI). Mesmbrine, Total Alkaloids
Sutherlandia fructescens Anti-viral, general health tonic. PE 3:1

All extracts are substantiated with 3rd party lab results and accompanied with detailed CoA’s (bulk density, moisture, HPLC result, micro, heavy metals + others requested).
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