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Established in 2008 by Director, Steve Hurt, Afrigetics Botanicals is currently one of the leading exporters of Southern African medicinal herbs, teas, oils and foods to the international wellness and pharmaceutical industries. Our areas of expertise include; horticulture, African enthnopharmacology, agri-processing and sustainable wild harvesting – which we diligently combine with a robust business model and an extensive exporting infrastructure that ensures our business remains both profitable and ethical.

Afrigetics Botanicals is a licensed distributor of protected/indigenous flora, including CITES flora and, is registered as a food facility with the United States FDA and, as an importer with the Korean FDA. We are passionate about discovering, protecting and developing the botanical wisdom of Africa and in finding new ways to unlock the potential of this continent.

Current Position

With a joint venture partnership with a leading local agri-processing facility we are able to process large quantities of raw materials without jeopardizing our commitment to meeting the standards of the international health and food industries. Our raw materials are tested for active ingredients, steam-sterilised and, undergo stringent quality control testing in some of South Africa’s most advanced laboratories.

This ensures our produce meets the highest standards, according to the WHO (1988) regulations, as laid out in the African Herbal Pharmacopoeia (2010). In addition, we strive to abide by international protocols such as HACCP and ISO and, to conform to the international standards of botanical identification (HPLC).


Afrigetics is constantly looking for expansion and improvement opportunities that will enable us to increase our sales to foreign buyers. This takes the form of  steady investment into our manufacturing facility, employing new sales staff, streamlining our logistic processes, upgrading our quality control and assurance standards and in attending key trade shows within our market.

A significant part of our efforts are directed to marketing through the internet and establishing a group of customers who are eager to learn more about the top 10 commercially successful African botanical species. Our aim is to share African success stories with the world and, to establish ourselves as the leading suppliers of these ingredients. We share this knowledge so that other businesses may reap the benefits of these successfully traded botanicals in their own business pursuits.

Our marketing efforts are centred on using the internet to promote our products to companies in the United States, Europe and the Far East; we utilise business-to-business platforms, internet marketing, email marketing and international trade shows to achieve this.


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